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Now the buyer must beware – Times Online

12 Nov

Now the buyer must beware – Times Online

Buyology by Martin Lindstrom


Speed Reading Overview

15 Sep
This Issue Handout: How to Read 200% Faster in 10 Minutes

I found this is ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ ( by Tim Ferris. It re-inspired me – I did my one and only speed reading class (a one-to-one hour and a half with someone in Rathmines, Dublin) 30 years ago, which influenced me ever since. Learning to read faster is actually very easy to learn. Learn this yourself and teach it to your kids. Reading

There will be times when, it’s true, you will have to read. Here are four simple tips that will lessen the damage and increase your speed at least 200% in 10 minutes with no comprehension loss:

1. Two minutes: Use a pen or finger to trace under each line as you read as fast as possible.
Reading is a series of jumping snap shots (called saccades), and using a visual guide prevents regression.

2. Three Minutes: Begin each line focusing on the third word in from the first word, and end each line focusing on the third word in from the last word. This makes use of peripheral vision that is otherwise wasted on margins. For example, even when the highlighted words in the next line are your beginning and ending focal points, the entire sentence is “read” just with less eye movement:

“Once upon a time, an information addict decided to detox.”

Move in from both sides as it gets easier and easier.

3. Two minutes: Once comfortable indenting three or four words from both sides, attempt to take only two snapshots – also known as fixations – per line on the first and last indented words.

4. Three minutes: Practice reading too fast for comprehension but with good technique (the above three techniques) for five pages prior to reading at a comfortable speed. This will heighten perception and reset your speed limit, much like how 50 mph normally feels fast but seems like slow motion if you drop down from 70mph on the motorway .

To calculate reading speed in words per minute (wpm) – and thus progress – in a given book, add up the number of words in ten lines, and divide by ten to get the average words per line. Multiply this by the number of lines per page and you have the the average words per page. Now it’s simple. If you initially read 1, 25 pages in one minute at 330 average words per page, that’s 412.5 words per minute. if you read 3.5 after training, it’s 1,115 words per minute and you in the top 1% of the the world’s fastest readers.*

*if interested in how people can read up to 12, 719 percent faster, visit


Crafty Syntax Live Help

17 Jul

Crafty Syntax Live Help – Download Source


>> Gonzo TV channel <<

14 Jul

Randomly loads up an eclectic bunch of videosto make a little webby TV channel. Lip-syncingmuppets, magic tricks and drive-by projecting.We enjoyed this very much, although we did haveto sit through the sweary Lion King a couple oftimes. Props to Rob Wakefield.


How to Be On Time Every Time – Articles

08 Jul

How to Be On Time Every Time – Articles: “1. Don’t check your email or voicemail right before you leave. That “last quick check” will almost always take more time than you think.

2. Plan for trouble. Always add 25 percent to your time estimate to get anywhere or do any task.

3. Set up the night before. Lay out your clothes, put your wallet in your pants pockets or purse, load up your bag with whatever material you’ll need, put your lunch together, and so on.

4. Set your clocks ahead a few minutes — by different amounts. You might have a look at the Procrastinator’s Clock, which is some random amount of time ahead, up to 15 minutes.

5. Learn to better estimate how much time things take. Use a time tracker app like RescueTime to learn how long typical tasks take you to complete.

6. Schedule events 10 minutes early. Put your 1:00 appointment into your schedule at 12:50.

7. Set reminders. Use your calendar program’s built-in reminder function, or use a service like Sandy to send you text reminders at set intervals before each appointment

8. Schedule events for “off-peak” times. Learn the times that traffic or other factors might make you late, and avoid scheduling during those times.

9. Fill your gas tank when it reaches 1/4 tank. Don’t let an empty gas tank make you late for anything.

10. Use a countdown timer. Grab a cheap digital timer, and use it to create a sense of urgency.” account: 4TB

17 Apr

US40 for 4 tbytes storage, 20tb bandwidth. fuck!


New EU Project on the Horizon

01 Feb

Amador is planning a new EU project using the in=the-know engine to quiz language training across the EU for B&Bs


SitePal Avatars

20 Nov


About Daughter Nature:
Daughter Nature ( is a specialty gift retailer, featuring products which “bring serenity and warmth to the home, office or a private retreat.” Some of their most popular items include water fountains, exotic candles, and bath sets.

Daughter Nature faced the challenge of differentiating themselves within the competitive specialty gift retail category. “Having a vast inventory and competitive pricing is not always enough.” said the company founder. “We do our best to offer our customers exceptional customer service by focusing on both professionalism and personalized service.” They hoped to achieve this by making the visitor experience similar to the in-store ritual of being greeted and assisted by a welcoming host.

Daughter Nature turned to SitePal to help accomplish this key objective by creating “Mia,” a talking avatar. Mia adds a welcoming touch to the site by greeting and engaging visitors as a virtual host. To accurately represent the company’s brand image, Daughter Nature designed “Mia” to appear warm and relaxing, with long and flowing hair, a gentle face, and a soothing and pleasant voice. The serene ocean background also contributes to the character’s appeal.

In less than 60 seconds, Mia provides customers with company information, product details and a guide to the site’s navigation in a fun and interactive way. Daughter Nature also added the Lead Generator tool on the “Contact Us” page as an easier way for existing and potential customers to quickly contact them. The company has added this feature to their email newsletters as well

Tania Maria says that the addition of a SitePal character attributed to increases in traffic, click-throughs and even sales. The company has reported a consistent 20%-50% range increase in average daily site traffic, and an increasing volume of visitors who click through to the product pages where the avatar is located.


YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

19 Oct

Every month our reporter, Keith Harding, brings you a full report on the month’s challenge. So far he’s searched for the talent of the nation, got everyone moving to the Pot Noodle workout and got the UK eating Pot Noodle in public places. You can check out all the great films we received on our video logs below.Quiet on set, it’s time for this month’s challenge! Remake your favourite film scene featuring a Pot Noodle and not only could you win pots of noodly goodness, but if your film gets the most views you’ll win the coveted Playstation 3.* IMPORTANTBefore you go gallivanting off to win yourself a case of Pot Noodle, make sure you bear all this stuff in mind, otherwise we might not be able to show your film:•Do not feature actual film footage, it’s not yours.•Do not include any music, unless you have permission to do so. Get a guitar or some kitchen utensils and make your own music instead.•Do not include a chunk of the original script. Make it up yourself, it’s funnier that way.•Do not use images of actors or characters appearing in the original film. Act it yourself, or train a monkey to do it. If other people appear in your film, make sure you have their consent. Remember to say “please”.*Terms and Conditions apply ( you’re over all that, uploading a film is easy! Just watch Keith’s first film( ) or follow the instructions below:- Follow this link to send us your film– If you shot your film on your mobile, send it straight to 07866 972 675 (details of charges can be found in the terms and conditions).- Email it to us a Post it to us- check the terms and conditions for the address.- We’ll stick your film on the Pot Noodle Network (as long as there are no naughty bits in it!). – Fellow Pot Noodle fans can then judge your film (or you can always pay off your mates to do it).- All the legal stuff you need to know