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Most Interesting Call for HACK-THE-CITY Submissions

05 Dec

Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition HACK THE CITY, offering up to 5K for doing stuff like

  • Installations
  • Mass-participation experiments
  • Events
  • Performances
  • New products/services/start-ups
  • Workshops
  • Apps
  • Visualizations, maps and mashups

Call Opens: Monday 5th December

Call Closes: Friday 20th January

Exhibition duration: 22 June 2012 – 07 September 2012

Lots of detail here:


Nokia – Connecting People

08 Apr

So there I was, watching this beautiful piece of classical music composed in 1902 forwarded by my good friend from Rowen & Toner.  I got as far as 15 seconds, then went to answer my phone…

Nokia: Connecting People to Classical Music

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De-Vuvuzelate me, Baby

18 Jun

Some helpful lads in Queen Mary’s University in London have come up with a clever piece of software which “de-Vuvuzelates” your telly signal, rendering impotent that irritating drone which accompanies all world cup matches.

In case you’ve managed to somehow avoid all the excitement, the drone is caused by an incredibly loud and irrating plastic horn blown at football matches by everybody in South Africa: the Vuvuzela.  The effect on telly is like a swarm of angry wasps hanging just outside your living room door.

The catch is, you need to be watching the world cup on your computer using software that can use the plugin.  Still, we applaud the effort.


One in five kids will be approached online by a sexual predator.

06 Aug

A startling statistic from Common Sense Media.  Other “Media Mythbusters” published include:


  • 80% of TV commercials are for fast food, candy, cereal and toys.
  • Kids see more than a quarter of a million commercials aimed at their appearance by age 17, with the result that The number one wish for girls ages 11 to 17 is to be thinner; boys 11 to 17 want a physical ideal that can only be achieved through steroid use.
  • Watching a lot of sexual content on TV greatly increases the chance that a teen will have sex at an earlier age.
  • 1 hour of TV per day are 4 times more likely than other teens to commit aggressive acts in adulthood.
  • By the time kids reach middle school, they will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 violent acts of violence on TV alone.

See the full article here.


Feel-good Video!

17 Apr

Can’t help but get a good buzz going when I have a listen of this:


AVS4YOU Audio and Video Apps – one registration

16 Oct

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Shiney new 12-string Guitar for Fran the Man

17 Jul

..bought on impulse at the wednesday geek convention before fatwah’s holiday.

a beauty, 555 euro, from

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