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Samsung Ad shoot goes wrong

08 Feb


Nokia – Connecting People

08 Apr

So there I was, watching this beautiful piece of classical music composed in 1902 forwarded by my good friend from Rowen & Toner.  I got as far as 15 seconds, then went to answer my phone…

Nokia: Connecting People to Classical Music

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“Smishing” – latest craze in the cybercriminal world

19 Jan

Combine “Phishing” (tricking you into entering your personal information, usually via faked e-mails & websites) with “SMS” and you get… “Smishing!

This is the latest trend emerging for cybercriminals, used to describe the practice of sending fake SMS messages “from” banks to unlisted numbers, usually saying that the account has been frozen and to ring a toll free number to unfreeze it. The toll free number then asks to caller to enter their 16 digit bank account number – then disconnects.  This information is then used to rip off the bank accounts.

The act of replying to these smishing messages also serves to confirm the unlisted number as active and puts it onto future text-spam lists.

What to do if you get a Smishing text message?  Don’t respond in any way (and if you’re really dedicated, notify the bank in question.)


Another inspired suggestion for fixing the Irish Economy

10 Dec

From a top wag, who shall remain anonymous…

“There is Euro 1.3 trillion, give-or-take, in offshore funds sitting down in the  IFSC. tax-free, doing no good whatsoever for the country, apart from sustaining maybe a couple of hundred jobs for fund-managers.  A one-off 5% tax on it would net Eur 65billion if I am not mistaken. Then you stiff the Anglo/ Nationwide bondholders/ gamblers and re-finance a re-structured and purged Bank of Ireland and AIB. Adios IMF and thanks for all of your patronising bordering on racist remarks about the ‘pluck of the Irish’  Pluck you AJ Chopper!”


The Collapse of Ireland in a Nutshell

10 Dec

Tell it like it is…

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