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I want to go back to school!

18 Jan

ideasgarden-best-feelgood-film-of-the-year award!

Made by the Friends School, Lisburn.


Most Interesting Call for HACK-THE-CITY Submissions

05 Dec

Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition HACK THE CITY, offering up to 5K for doing stuff like

  • Installations
  • Mass-participation experiments
  • Events
  • Performances
  • New products/services/start-ups
  • Workshops
  • Apps
  • Visualizations, maps and mashups

Call Opens: Monday 5th December

Call Closes: Friday 20th January

Exhibition duration: 22 June 2012 – 07 September 2012

Lots of detail here:


The Economy: Two more completely independent observations…

10 Dec
Another little nugget from Poland…

Observation 1

In Ireland the bankruptcy laws do not allow you to discharge your outstanding debts for 12 years.  Therefore you lose your house and family and all income and you are forced to live on the streets in the cold and the rain begging for food for 12 years before you can earn a living wage again.

Observation 2

If you took a 12 guage rifle and created a bullet shaped hole in the head of the previous bank regulator, you would be promptly arrested and sentenced to jail for probably 15 years.  In prison, which by the way has a ceiling so less chance of getting wet from the rain, you get three meals a day, access to all of the tv, internet and higher education you can eat, along with personal bodyguards, or prison officers, as they are called there.  If you behave yourself and don’t try and steal extra butter from your cell mate, you would be released in approximately 12 years with a healthy diet, relaxed and refreshed with all of your future earnings available to spend on shiny things.


Another inspired suggestion for fixing the Irish Economy

10 Dec

From a top wag, who shall remain anonymous…

“There is Euro 1.3 trillion, give-or-take, in offshore funds sitting down in the  IFSC. tax-free, doing no good whatsoever for the country, apart from sustaining maybe a couple of hundred jobs for fund-managers.  A one-off 5% tax on it would net Eur 65billion if I am not mistaken. Then you stiff the Anglo/ Nationwide bondholders/ gamblers and re-finance a re-structured and purged Bank of Ireland and AIB. Adios IMF and thanks for all of your patronising bordering on racist remarks about the ‘pluck of the Irish’  Pluck you AJ Chopper!”


The Collapse of Ireland in a Nutshell

10 Dec

Tell it like it is…

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