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Most Interesting Call for HACK-THE-CITY Submissions

05 Dec

Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition HACK THE CITY, offering up to 5K for doing stuff like

  • Installations
  • Mass-participation experiments
  • Events
  • Performances
  • New products/services/start-ups
  • Workshops
  • Apps
  • Visualizations, maps and mashups

Call Opens: Monday 5th December

Call Closes: Friday 20th January

Exhibition duration: 22 June 2012 – 07 September 2012

Lots of detail here:


“Smishing” – latest craze in the cybercriminal world

19 Jan

Combine “Phishing” (tricking you into entering your personal information, usually via faked e-mails & websites) with “SMS” and you get… “Smishing!

This is the latest trend emerging for cybercriminals, used to describe the practice of sending fake SMS messages “from” banks to unlisted numbers, usually saying that the account has been frozen and to ring a toll free number to unfreeze it. The toll free number then asks to caller to enter their 16 digit bank account number – then disconnects.  This information is then used to rip off the bank accounts.

The act of replying to these smishing messages also serves to confirm the unlisted number as active and puts it onto future text-spam lists.

What to do if you get a Smishing text message?  Don’t respond in any way (and if you’re really dedicated, notify the bank in question.)


Web Based Anonymous Texts, 3 for £2.50 –

21 Oct

Looks like they haven’t been shut down yet

17 Apr

Discovered by Alan Kennedy in response to my SMS – sending application from mobile.

When I checked it out, it was taken down for some reason. The t&cs were extremely stringent also, but seems like that wasn’t enough.

Drummer said ‘don’t prick around with forging headers, the networks will come down on you like a ton of bricks, very unfunny’

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Posted in SMS, Tech Text-messaging profits draw competition – and regulators

18 Oct Text-messaging profits draw competition – and regulators: “Text-messaging profits draw competition – and regulators Soon after text messaging appeared 15 years ago, experts began proclaiming that the simple service would rapidly be replaced by more intricate options. Yet texting is still here, and growing, and by some estimates generates $60 billion a year in revenue for cellphone operators around the world. The IHT reports. ‘Now large Internet companies like Yahoo and Microsoft as well as small start-ups are looking to grab a piece of the text-messaging bonanza, and they could soon threaten one of the main sources of revenue for the world’s cellphone operators. … There are also dozens of lesser-known Web sites that bypass the cellphone operators and let users send text messages for free from computers to cellphones. But more threatening could be software that allows free or cheap cellphone-to-cellphone texting. ‘Texting is a cash cow for the operators, so they’ll try to block these services from being used on their networks if they become popular and eat into revenue,’ said Niek Van Veen, an analyst at Forrester Research in London. ‘The threat is there, but it’s not immediate because not many consumers have the right cellphones and not many use the Web and download applications anyway.’ Operators get, on average, 20 percent of their revenue from text messaging, according to Van Veen. In 2010 about 2.3 trillion text messages will be sent worldwide, generating $72.5 billion for the operators, according to forecasts released last year by Gartner Dataquest. Most of that turns into profit, because the profit margin on text messaging hovers around 90 percent, more than double what operators get on voice services.'”

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