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Aung San Suu Kyi

01 Jul

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The brilliant Avaaz get mobilised for Aung San Suu Kyi, again.


The National Pension Fund – A Suggestion

06 Dec

On the eve of the toughest budget in the history of the state, I got this inspired suggestion from my brother in law who lives in Poland:

fingers crossed cowen and lenihan go on the piss tonight and dish out the 20billion in the pension fund to every citizen of ireland ….about 6k a head ….enough to get the hell out of dodge …. Helps “Change for Good” – and it’s *not* Tesco

27 Aug

John Gibbons, columnist with the Irish Times, has just launched on the back of his article in the Irish Times highlighting what many see as another cynical move by the scarey giant that is Tesco.

tescotownTesco has become an absolute global monolith, but not just in terms of supermarkets.  Few realise fully the power which Tesco is now wielding, armed with massive reserves of cash, detailed personal behavioural information on millions of citizens (via shopping pattern analysis, “club cards”,  Tesco mobile phones, Tesco credit cards and a ream of other financial offerings) and a stranglehold which is killing off the domestic food industry, all led by a highly efficient, profit-maximising and ruthless international management.  The implications of this vast power are staggering and could lead to intrusion and exploitation in almost any area of people’s lives in the future.

This particular story focusses on Tesco claiming that it had ‘never heard’ of the slogan “Change for Good” being used by Unicef on Aer Lingus for the past twenty two years.  The Unicef “Change for Good” campaign, which collects change from air passengers, has been one of their most successful campaigns ever collecting over six million euro in donations since its launch in 1987.  Tesco has now adopted this same slogan for its recent cost cotting promotions to the dismay of Unicef and the disgust of many informed people. 

This is “the first time in Unicef’s history that a commercial entity has purposely set out to capitalise on one of our campaigns”, said executive director, Melanie Verwoerd.

John has picked this up, however, and as a counter gesture has initiated an online petition opposing the move based at  Nice one John.  Shame on you, Tesco. *

* If Tesco are genuine in their claim that they were unaware of the ongoing Unicef campaign by the same name, I call on them to donate an ongoing portion of their profits to offset the damage to Unicef. : About Us

02 Nov : About Us

A brilliantly put together video about CafePress, would make you want to change the world.

Also, a good model for selling customised products at over the odds as a fundraising tool. – The World in Action

18 Oct – The World in Action: “Thanks for supporting a voice for Burma! Transaction ID:5F391179KR222851X Amount:EUR 50.00 Thanks for donating to support the Burmese protesters! 100% of your contribution will go to vital equipment and support for Burmese groups to break the junta’s communications blackout. “

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